At the age of nineteen Stephan composed a classical piano concerto in the style of W. A. Mozart. After graduating from BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC with a dual major in film scoring and songwriting and additional studies in music history at HARVARD UNIVERSITY , Stephan became a very distinguished musician who naturally masters many styles of music as a songwriter, composer and conductor, as well as when performing live: classical, jazz, pop, gospel and even a flavor of country music... 

A painter's hands are her means to «speaking» things into existence.


I have often thought about how the process of creating a painting is similar to the process of creating a garden. The creator first conceives an idea, and then uses their technical facility to do the physical and mental work of conceptualization. There is nothing mysterious or spiritual about this process.


Towards the end though, as the piece of art is completed, as the garden invites us to stroll around within its borders and we enjoy its beauty, there is the possibility of an intimate connection between the viewer and the work itself; if this is achieved I believe something profoundly spiritual and mysterious has happened and «art» has been created. In the beginning there was only the mere existence of an abstract thought which in the end incites a deeply human response.

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